A Canoe like the Dimension by Dagger

I am wanting to find a Dimension by Dagger or a comparable canoe. I have looked around and the Rogue by Wenonah and the Canyon by Esquif may come close. I desire a whitewater touring canoe to go for 3 to 6 day trips on Class 1 through 3 level rapids.

Also the Bell tandem designed
with guidance from Jacobson. None of the boats you name is fully comparable to the Dimension, but all would be better on lakes and flattish sections.


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my Swift Dumoine as well if they're any in your area; worth a look. I was "in the same boat" and love my Swift. Dagger molds got sold to Mad River.Whoa, nevermind, just looked up dagger specs and 5.5 inches of rocker is not in league w/ esquif or rogue or swift. Sure Ya' need that much?

How about a Dagger Dimension?
It’s for sale and the price is right if you are anywhere near St Paul Minnesota.


canyon or starburst
The Dimmension is a lot of canoe for class I-III 3-6 day trips.

You might actually be better off with the Canyon, Starburst or Rogue, at least in the class I-II parts.

If you tend towards the Class III and 3-day trip ends of your spectrum, you might be able to get away with a smaller ww canoe like the Vertige X, but it’s more a playboat than a tripper.

For what you describe, I’d be happy with the Canyon/Starburst.