A Christmas Eve Day Hike & Lunch

We’ve been actually cold in Beantown and getting on-and-off snow flurries all day. No waves though… So, took it as an opportunity to do something different – a Christmas Eve day hike up the hilly woods to enjoy the cold and snow.

Hiked up a rocky hillside that overlooked a frozen pond.

Found a nice “sheltered spot” to set up for hot coffee, lunch and contemplation.

I appreciated the serenity and quietude of the woods. While not particularly religious, I reflected and appreciated the celebrated “birth” anniversary as a manifestation of our human need for hope, love, happiness, sacrafice and kindness of others. In so much as we feel/experience any of these, our life has been graced. We can pay it forward in gratitude.

Enjoy the season of giving (and receiving). :snowflake: :christmas_tree: :high_brightness:



Sitting in the quiet woods, coffee or not, has always been one of my favorite things.
A great time for rumination and appreciation for our blessings.