A couple of suggestions

First one for newbies: Don’t forget to every so often lube and work your cam-lock buckle tie down straps. Especially if you use your boat in salt water.

They will stiffen up and not bite into the strap as they should.

Second: we were hunting around for a container to carry gorp, that had a water proof cover, and came up with the idea of using a water bottle.

It worked out perfectly on a long trip yesterday.

It can be kept on deck under a bungee or in the cockpit, and naturally won’t let any water leak in.

Jack L

We’ve been carrying GORP in nalgene bottles for years.

Not only in our boats, but for camping and in our vehicle emergency kits also.

Last year we had a squirrel attack the bottle of GORP we left out on a picnic table. The nalgene won.

Even this oldbie like those ideas. Heading for salt water in two weeks. Its going to take lots of attention to get everything cleaned and lubed back up. A new bottle of spray lube might be in order.

Lubricate, what do you suggest?
I assume not with oil but don’t know.

Great idea, by the way, and thanks,

G in NC

Salt Water Cleanup
After a canoe trip down the coast of Maine a couple of years ago my buddy said to take everything and put it in buckets of water with some soap in it and clean it real good. This included all of my ropes especially my sail ropes. I waited a couple of days and by then everything seemed stiff as a board. Lesson learned is to not delay on cleanup!

I sometimes use silicon lubricant and
other times WD-40.

Just today at the take out, I noticed one of the cam-lock buckles was stiff working, so I lubed it and work it back and forth with Silicon lubricant.

I keep a can of it in my kayak tool box in the truck.

Jack L

Its a good reminder re cam lock

I have known about it for eons but have a bad habit of forgetting.

You really do not want a reminder mid highway say on the Beltway around Washington.

I have transported GORP forever in Nalgenes. I found it great fun to tease red squirrels back in the mid 90’s in Quetico… Ye can see and ye no get.

There ought to be some wisdom I can pass along but I cant think of any aside that those screw top Nalgenes are wonderful for transporting coffee on week long expeditions. The coffee stays dry and most important does not escape.