A couple recent articles worthy of a read (one safety, the other - a big shark story)

I occasionally browse (via google search) news articles of interest.

Here are a couple (totally unrelated) of kayaking interest:

The cold hard facts of spring paddling: Be prepared

‘Terrifying’ great white shark encounter off Stanmore Bay in Auckland

  1. Raisins…cold is why we live here. The Ortega water temp was 81.5 degrees a couple of days ago. With the recent cloudy and wind a little cooler now. Chanel 4 is listing low 70s for surf.

  2. Good thing you never hung a Chum bag from the shark bait boat. The thing is sharks often follow chum slicks. He just got more than he bargained for. I always did that from a bigger boat.

My recall is that Great Whites show up off the Maine coast on a fairly regular basis.

But the water is chilly and the food supply for them is not concentrated close to where people recreate. So actually encountering one is a small craft is at least rare, I don’t recall any encounters between kayak and shark in 28 years of being in midcoast for some part of the summer. May have happened and I missed it, but encounters with harbor porpoises are more common.