A decent sea kayak...shorter than 14'6"?

Well, the army has gone and screwed me again. After moving me to the kayaking paradise of Alaska they decided the change the rules on shipment of personal property and bottom line is they won’t ship a kayak home to my next station if it is longer than 14’6". So, my beloved prijon kodiak will not be leaving the state, but what I’m really thinking of is that my wife wants to start kayaking, and I was thinking of buying her a sea kayak, however, I don’t want to purchase one longer than 14’6" cause I’d just have to get rid of it at the end of next summer. Are there any models that could be regarded as a serious sea kayak that are shorter than 14’6"…or would one that short be a little too unstable in ocean conditions. What do you think?



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I think someone at personal property has their head up their ass. I shipped my boats overseas and they came through fine. As long as you under your max dollars for weight shipping, they will not chage you crating fees.
Sriously, think about a folding kayak too. I used to bring my Feathercraft KLight with me on TAD (TDY for you Army guys) and leave.

what about this


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The Mariner Coaster has a good reputation, but it's almost impossible to find one.

My wife is very happy with her WS Tchaika, but it needs more flotation to make up for the lack of a front bulkhead.


The Impex Mystic/Gale/Sea Breeze(same hull, different outfitting) is another good choice for small folks.


The Pygmy Artic Tern 14, if you have free time to build.


A neat DIY folder:


Good folder resource:


Valley, Kajak-Sport, and NDK
Offer sectional option…

maybe this one
someone just posted this link on another thread… 3 part boat


If you can get
a Northwest Kayaks Sportee elite you will probably be pleased. Fun boat, great secondary and 13’6"

looksha sport

Clearwater Designs?
Doesn’t Clearwater designs make a Manitou or something like that at 14 feet? Anyone know anything about them? certainly cheap enough. Lok on E-bay as there is a dealer in upstate NY that sells them very low.

Might work for a boat for a year and move on?


Also vote Necky Looksha Sport

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Comes in at 14'4" and is a very good boat to start with and you can grow with it. I've been paddling for about 6 years and have moved on to a Tempest 170 as my primary boat but I still like taking the Looksha out for a spin now and again. It's very manoeverable boat so it's lots of fun and it is a pretty good surfer.Plus you should be able to pick up a used one fairly cheap. If you get one, get one with a skeg not a rudder.Oh, and yes, it can handle some decent seas if the paddler is capable.---Rich

Here are a few
Here are some more to add to the list. Not all touring, some mixed.

Prijon Yukon Expedition

WS Tsunami

Riot Voyager

Current Design - there are a few under 14.5’

Perception - “” “”

As memory serves
Boreal Designs makes a sectional kayak (3 pieces). Easy Rider too.


Just wondering if some of you more-experienced folks would consider the Eddyline Merlin (XT or LT) worthy of consideration for this application. Length is 13’6", but it might be more expensive than desired.

i’d recommend a Looksha Sport. its 14’4", and plenty stable for a skilled paddler. i’ve had one since late june, and i paddle it in the new england coast occasionally.