a decent trolling motor battery?

I’m looking for a battery for a trolling motor for a guide 147. speed is not an issue. I just want something to replace paddling when fishing. I have a MinnKota Turbo 35 (27 lbs thrust). I’m considering getting a power-sonic deep cycle battery (PDC-12260). It was 26 Amp Hours.

In another post, someone with a minnkota endura 30 and a U1 gel battery (same canoe) got 4-6 mi. on max speed, and about 6 mi on 3-4 speed. Unfortunately, he didn’t list the amp hours of the battery that he used.

This battery seems to be a good compromise between amp hours and cost ($100+shipping), and it’s an AGM (no maintenance, can tip over).

Could I expect to get similar distance from this battery as the other poster (I know the info is limited)? Is the AGM battery worth it, or should I go with the cheaper lead-acid battery (more weight, more maintenance, more AH, can’t tip, but less cost)?

If I go with this sort of AGM battery, might I be able to go with something with even less AH, with comparable results? Thanks.

TM battery
My Minn kota 45 lb thrust with an AutoZone group 24, 140 amp hr marine battery will go all day. $80.00 / 50 lbs.