A different view of Florida (video link)

A NRS link showed up today with a video of a teacher taking three high school students on a 7 day trip through a wild (mostly) section of Palm Beach County. Hike, wade, bike and paddle mostly public lands. Very well produced and a bit of a change of scenery for those of us in the north.


My brother lives there. Neat place.

Somewhere there’s a truck /trailer full of kayaks, sup, bikes and camping gear following them.

That trip ended. Live for the next one.

Fun video. I really enjoyed watching these teens react to nature.

This is the FL I remember growing up, I camped around Central FL as a child and into adulthood. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Met several teens yesterday at a county “primitive” park along a woodsy strech of the Ocklawaha river. They were having a good time learning and experiencing something new.