A " fast " inflatable!

hello everyone

I m looking for an inflatable with one seat .

just for calm river or lake ( n o sea no whitewater )

i would like it goes "fast "

i ve got an aquamarina betta k2 for 2 and cool …ok

for me , i ve got a hard kayak but i had to return it is too heavy ( - 10 %…)

i look for an inflatable not too heavy but rather fast
gumotex rush 1
advanced elements EVO
gumotex twist 2/1
gumotex swing 1
others …?

just have a look if someone have tried one of these
on youtube there is the fabulous Steve Flusswanderer but what he says is in Austrian , a dialect by the way , impossible to understand , too bad

thank for your response

I believe it is generally accepted that the inflatable kayaks capable of faster speeds incorporate drop stitch construction for remarkably rigid panels. This is the same construction used for inflatable paddle boards. I have an Aquaglide Chelan HB 1 with a drop stitch floor. It is good to understand that inflatables sit higher on the water and are generally more susceptible to side winds and most good boats have a keg.

I found it helps to have about 10 lbs of weight in the bow to also help offset side yaw sweep when paddling. Also keep strokes fairly short with a higher frequency. I use a high angle paddle focussing on forward motion.

I am pleased with the Chelan, especially at 24 lbs, I often flip upside down on the car top for stable transporting. I have to live with the 36" beam width, but am considering a Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl, which uses the drop stitch floor as well as the side panels. I think it is also about 25 lbs. and about 28" at the beam. I know of no other completely drop stitch made inflatable kayak.

Have you considered the option of folding kayaks? They are collapsible, light and easy to transport like inflatables but some models are going to be faster than the average inflatable because they are a rigid skeleton with a tight skin covering. I have a PakBoat brand Quest folding kayak which paddles as easily and almost as fast as my plastic hardshell kayak.

Are you in Europe? ScanSports of Sweden sells the PakBoats. I would recommend contacting this company at the link below, Faltboot, for advice on available boats in your region. They also carry Nortik and Ladoga brand folding boats as well as PakBoat.


The Gumotex boats are more similar to rafts than to real kayaks. They are not very fast because of the fat tubes and not having rigid hulls.

hello pbenter
sure it s a great kayak but i don t know if it is shipped for France
it looks like aquamarina tomahawk 375
but an other member speak about kayak in several parts …i very found of that i prefer , just have a look
thank to you

oh thanks for that good proposition …pakayak , pakboats ,
very very found of
its just what i look for
fast , not heavy weight ( several parts ) maybe expansive …
thanks to you

Yes, I see, it looks like the same boat as the Razorlite. I believe the boats are probably made in Asia and distributed under different names in different countries.

Here is a link to more information on the Razorlite. http://www.inflatablekayakworld.com/updated-ik-review/

finally i decide to buy a pakayak on amazon.fr
i wish it will be ship ,

A fast inflatable would be one caught in a hurricane.

yes you re right but i dont use my kayak when there is storm .

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Never been that desperate.

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In site of my researches idon t understand.

Waiting after my pakayak.
At home between 3 08 and 6 08…

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Inflatables can be pretty fast with a raised floor, but they are very susceptible to being blown around by the wind. That makes them not so good for lakes. Better for rivers but afternoon up canyon winds can also make them much slower.

I have an Innova/Gumotex Sunny and also a Swing EX. The Sunny is open decked and an easy paddle, quite fast for an inflatable and very forgiving in normal paddling conditions. The swing EX is a fully decked expedition grade inflatable kayak, faster than the Sunny but too big for me so rather twitchy handling, I think a paddler would need to be in the 200+ lb range to get it down to the correct working water line. Both kayaks are under 30lbs and easily transported in a dry bag, also very durable. If you’re in Europe use the Gumotex website if in North America they go by the Innova name.