A few recent pics

Well since castoff was kind enough to share some recent pics I thought I’d do same. We’ve had some hot/humid weather (high 80’s) but recently got some perfect weather so I put on some miles.

Paw Paw river. Lots of new downfall after some recent high winds so the obstacles were no longer familiar and my boat was deflected pretty violently three times after hitting sunken trees. One of my favorite rivers where you just maneuver around obstacles for miles.

In several spots I thought I’d have to do a short portage to get around trees but I found a way through. So with this tree I realized that there was about 2 inches of water if I ducked under the trunk and pulled myself through and scraped over a sunken log…in a tight area with a little current. It’s one of those spots where it looks like a bad idea to try it and if something goes wrong you know you’ll feel like an idiot.

Maybe 15 miles total but the time went by easily since I think I was in a semi dream state.

And a couple recent pics on my local river (the St Joseph). The water levels are up a little (around 3500 cfs versus an average of 2000 cfs this time of year) so going upstream takes a little effort (and time) but overall the conditions were idyllic with low humidity and temps in the upper 70’s.


Thank you for helping me get through my time off the water while the wounds left by my dermatologist heal.

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I know this may sound unusual, but I really enjoy weaving in and out of stuff like that. With the recent flooding I am sure the Enoree River (I like for that reason) has made some changes. I enjoy seeing the photos.

I thought I might see a dog in the canoe?

I expect that we’ll have a dog again before long. I do miss having a like-minded companion in the canoe.

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You mean like this: " It’s moving Dad! Let’s go catch it!"