A few trailer photos

I uploaded three photos showing our modified snowmobile trailer.

The truck-trailer combo is too long to get a good side shot of, but this view from the 2nd-story porch takes in almost the whole enchilada (yes, it snowed Tuesday night):


This shot shows room to jackknife; the kayak is 16.5’ long and overhangs the trailer equally front and rear:


Plenty of room to maneuver (the truck is angled to the left of the trailer):


Keep getting this : “Sorry, this GeoCities site is currently unavailable.”

It worked for me

I’m with Doug
All I get is the unavailable message also. Too bad too 'cause I am looking for trailer ideas. The Slyk Rider advertised on the front page looks good BUT I hope I can do something for less than what they are asking.

no workie


i can see them
Great modifications! Well done. Images are loading fine, too.

So do you hang a red flag off the back of the kayak?

Maluso, since the kayaks have less than 4’ overhang, we do not hang red flags from them. We have only driven the trailer in daytime. However, for any possible night driving, I bring reflective straps just in case. They can be hung from the rear toggles.

Those who cannot get the site to load, please try again. I’ve had troubles before with geocities/yahoo, too. The photos are definitely there but sometimes geocities shuts out access or the images only come up as X’s. They have a fairly low limit on hourly access. Well, what do ya get for free, I guess.

Got it…
Got it this time. I was going to ask Diane to grab them and post them on her site when I thought I would attempt it one more time.

But I’m with Diane (Maluso) as to the flags. I carry my boat in the back of my PU and I always hang a large red flag (actually a bright red football jersey) on the carry handle.

I am trying to decide whether to go with an overhead rack on the PU or a trailer. The nice thing about a trailer is that I can leave the boat on the trailer all set to go and store it the same way. I have a garage just for my toys and it would fit inside.

The nice thing about a rack is that I don’t have to pick my parking spots or pre-arrange a turning around area.


very nice setup
What are you using for cradles??

Nice. Add a acheap fibreglass gear…
…carrier, and you’ll have an ideal setup! Good work.

Heft it!
“The nice thing about a rack is that I don’t have to pick my parking spots or pre-arrange a turning around area.”

No, but you do have to heft it onto the rack. If you are by yourself, that can be tricky. I have to lift mine onto a mini-van and I am doing OK at 53 yrs old, but someday the trailer might be a little easier for me.


My question
In the first photo, who’s up in the tree with the camera? Or in the helicopter? Hey, great trailer, I love mine!

Great idea…I’ve been trying to think
a versatile trailer configuration and “by joe…you’ve got it”



The cradles shown in the photos are homemade wooden jobs measured and cut to perfectly fit my stitch-and-glue kayak. Though they don’t fit the Tempest 165 perfectly, they hold it quite well. They sit flat on the trailer platform and I strap them to the carpeted crossbars (which are 2x4’s), then strap the kayak to the crossbars.

When transporting both my kayak and my husband’s, I simply move the cradles to one side instead of in the middle. He chooses to place his kayak directly on the padded crossbars.

We also have some Spring Creek cradles that we use with a roof rack (these are GREAT cradles), but we rarely haul on the roof. The cradles work with a variety of crossbars but will not fit the padded 2x4’s. I’m sure another custom mod could be done for using the commercial cradles. We just don’t feel the need to do so.

Treed? Hmmm, I could do that
I took the photo from the 2nd-story porch of our house. Both the house and the garage (visible in one photo) are built into very steep slopes and that flat spot under the trailer is about all there is for flat land!

I agree
Hanging flags would be good. They certainly don’t hurt.

Now, all I gotta do is get some blaze orange waterproof material.

Using Commercial
I use both Malone Autoloaders and Yakima Land Sharks on my trailer.(by the way, I like the Malones better) They fit quite well on 3/4" galvanized pipe. I put short sections of 2x4’s in the stake pockets and mount a 3/4" galvanized flange on one for the pipe to screw into and on the other side I put a 1" galvanized flange that the pipe will slide through. Works very well for me.

What trailer? NICE TRUCK!
The trailer is OK but I like the truck.

I like my X but I sure do miss my old pickup with a nice cap…may have to get me one of those.