A fine day to paddle once the fog broke

Spent a week at a beach house on Edisto Island. Our two daughters and their husbands joined us from out of state. Most importantly was our two Granddaughters being there too. Cora is 5 going on 6, and her sister Juniper is 3 months. Had a good time with both. Nothing quite as fine as when you make them smile or laugh!

Anyway, enough of that here are some photos of a day trip over to Pine Island on one of two clear days between days of often dense fog. If anyone is interested the Island is for sale. I suspect by the end of this century it will be considerably smaller so I would low ball the asking price.

View of the beach houses on Edisto Beach where we stayed.

Pine island

sunset with Pine and Otter Islands in view.

Most days however looked like this from the house.

More often like this.


A couple of more foggy photos. I might need new glasses!

This deer was browsing in the dune behind the house.

Fog hanging over the tip of Otter Island at sunset.


beautiful views of Edisto!

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Cool! The wife and I spent Thanksgiving in that vicinity (Kiawah Island). Didn’t take a kayak but did a little ‘rental’ trip in some crappy boats with some family members. It was fun but everyone’s back hurt the next day!