A Florida Key name change

to those of you that in the past I have sent paddling trips and launches in the Florida Keys, please note that the name of West Summerland Key in the Spanish harbor Keys has been changed to “Scout Key”

Also under “Launches”: under No. 3 change the name “Spanish Harbor Key” to “Scout Key”

I know the boy scouts and girl scouts have owned the Key, but evidently some Florida Legislator has a son or daughter in the scouts.

Seems a shame to change a historical name but, life goes on!

Jack L

Catching up to Maine’s state legislature
Florida going the way of Maine, changing any racial stuff was fine, back a few decades…and also Indian/Native American friendly, but from the Squaw’s Bosom to the Moose’s Bosom(on Katahdin Range) is my favorite…

Good thing NH’s Old Man broke down
Hate to think of the PC substitutes for the “old man” part.

Male Senior Citizen?

AARP Member?

Gently-Used Fellow?

Hey, when used cars are being peddled as “Previously owned,” the possibilities become absurd.

Substituting “Scout” for “Spanish Harbor” doesn’t cut it, IMO. Something’s missing.

Just so they keep the scouts from
wandering around loose in certain other Keys neighborhoods.

They going to change all the MM signs, the Key’s name signs, and all the maps, too?

That just ain’t right!

It’s more than just us canooers and kayakists -it’s everybody! But the countryside’s still the same, and it’s still, despite the name change, a great area to


-Frank in Miami

New Hampshire
The ugliest state quarter fer sher.