A Fun Commentary on Rudders

This is just for fun. I came across this listing on Craig’s List and an auto-spell checker must have a strong opinion about rudders, calling the rudder “deplorable”. I guess it’s no worse than a despicable skeg.


A deployable rudder is better than an intractable skeg. :laughing:

But not an unemployable one!


Don’t you mean skags and rutters?


How will the deplorable rutters vote in the coming election?


I am not sure I’d call it deplorable, but most people I’ve known have preferred the skegged version of the Elaho.

I doubt that was a spell check error. I expect the seller just didn’t want to sound like a Nu Yoka.

My favorite to date was a CL ad in an estate sale listing for a sea kayak that had “one of those metal steering thingees on one end.”

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Looks like a fair price. Maybe even Scarborough fair.


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fortunately you do not have to use the rudder.