A good fishing paddle?

Thanks so much for all the online shopping suggestions but have yet another question.

My Moken 10 is on its way and i need some advice on a paddle.

This boat is going to be used exclusively for fishing on small rivers and lakes and at 35" wide and me being 6.0 i figure on a 240 cm paddle.

I want a paddle that is light “weight is an issue for me” and needs to be strong as I’ll be pushing off rocks and dragging the bottom.

OK…whats a good lightweight,low stroke,2-piece,durable paddle for around $100 or so?


After posting i realized there was an active post just below mine regarding paddles,i can tap into that.lol

They are in a different league

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in that "new paddle" topic.

In your case, with SOT (which you didn't mention), it's not the same as with regular "SINK" kayak. Get 220cm or 230cm. Fishing SOT kayaks are not like other kayaks. May be check specialized fishing forums http://www.kayakfishingstuff.com/community/showthread.php?t=74252

Aluminum shaft is heavier than composite, but I don't know why weight matters to you. You aren't going to paddle long miles - these kayaks are not for paddling long.

Blade I would suggest simple cheap plastic (perhaps reinforced with fibers like some Aquabound blades). Not a composite - you will be pushing off the rocks, plastic is sturdier. Check with that "fishing crowd", anyway.

H20 Fish
I’m not sure how available they are in the states, but if you’re in canda, check out the H20 Fish model, it has a glass shaft to keep weight down, ruler build into the shaft and has a cutout in the blade for retreiving line if you’re stuf somewhere.

I got one this summer and i like it for fishing.

Think outside the box

You know what they say…
you can have light weight, strength, or low cost.

Pick two.

All are relative, of course.

fishing paddle
bending branches makes a nice fishing paddle called the slice glass angler, it has a small slit in 1 paddle, u can put your line through it if u get stuck and follow it down, i saved several nice lures with it. look at there web site.

Bending Branches Slice Glass Angler
Sg6 is exactly right. One of the best angler paddles on the market is also an amazing value, and that is the Bending Branches Slice Glass Angler. Its lightweight (35 oz), lower-stroke, 2 pc, extremely durable (it’s a Bending Branches paddle of course), it has a tape measurer on the shaft so you can measure the fish, and it has a unique hook retrieval system built right into the blade.

All that for only $139.95, very nice value. That is going to be your best paddle for the dollar.

Bending Branches Slice Glass Angler


Strong wooden paddle
When I was a kid my brothers and I used to fish in the estuaries of the great salt lake in Utah. We would paddle up to very large carp and whack them on the back with our canoe paddle. Some of the carp were so large that they almost tipped over our canoe when they zipped underneath.