A good polyethelene for big waves?

Curious for some input on a good poly boat for open water with big swells?

Poly boat
A very good poly boat, reasonably priced that will handle big water. There are a few out there but my favorite is a Dagger Magellin. Bought mine used for $500 and am 6-2 265# and big feet. Have been in 4’ plus waves on Lake Superior, the BWCA with a load of gear and other open lakes, rivers and this kayak handles great. With my GPS I had it up to 6.6mph without working very hard. Another good one that is reasonably priced is the Alto by Wilderness Systems. It sits lower in the water than the Magellin but is a very capable kayak. It was my first kayak and my brother uses it now.

Email with any questions and check out the reviews here on paddling.net

More Info
is needed if you want input that has more meaning. You should give your height and weight, whether you’re day tripping or doing overnighters. Do you generally want to go from point A to B, or do you like to play in waves and rocks? Is going fast a big considertation? These are some of the questions that come to mind and the answers to them will affect the recommended boats to try.

Any decent boat will do relatively fine in swell which are just undulations in the water. How it does it wind, chops on top of swells and breaking waves are another matter… Depends again on your size and what you want to (and your skill level as well).


Current Designs Storm
I have felt very comfortable in big swell. I has good rocker and does not broach.

Storm for sure…
surfs like a dream. I haven’t been in much more than 3-4 feet but it was a blast and I felt very stable. Don’t forget to lean into the wave.

I Don’t Get It…
how can you recommend a boat without having a clue about the paddler size, intention and skills?

If I were to ask the same question, would you say the Storm? 'Cause if you did, you would be way, way off. :smiley: That boat is barge for me. I have the squall and I think is too big for what I do these days…


I agree sing!
There are so many variables involved I would need a lot more info before making a suggestion.

However, one thing I would suggest is to try a few boats before you purchase. I don’t care what anyone says but until you try a boat for yourself you will not know for sure if it is the right one for you.

For instance, a good friend of mine is roughly the same build, age as I am but we paddle differently and look for similar but not exactly the same things in a boat.