a good river canoe

Does anybody have any recommendations for a canoe for canoeing the mississippi river??? what type/names??? I’m an experienced canoer, just not experienced with purchasing canoes.

tandem or solo?
You might want to specify whether you are looking for a tandem or a solo so that folks can tailor their answers a bit better.


For a solo, look at the wenonah Rendezvous. Fo tandem the wenonah Prospector 17.


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is like paddling a big lake. You wouldn't need a boat that turns real quick or does whitewater well.
I'd think any of the boundry waters tripper type canoes would do. I used to take my Grumman 17 out in the main channel down by Savanna IL and the Wisc. River confluence occasionally. It worked, but there are probably better choices available today.
You'll want something that can handle waves - there's barge and large boat traffic out there as well as places where wind can really kick up waves. There're the Wenonahs, of course, as mentioned. There's also the Bell Northwind or Northwoods, Mystic (though that is a little lower volume boat and, though fast, might not take huge waves as well as some other trippers), Souris river makes some nice boats that would work for that, so does Mad River and Nova Craft. Sawyer Cruiser or Super Cruiser if you can find one... Or this could be an excuse to buy a Kruger maybe?

Same with the solos - I'd suggest looking for something that tracks well, is pretty fast & efficient, and can take some waves.
Have fun. Sounds like quite a trip. How far are you going?
Is this, in fact, a charity paddle and if so what charity?

Mississippi good place for good decked

I paddled the Mississippi at Memphis. Was not positively impressed.

Current, waves, chop, BIG barge rafts, tugs throwing up a 1/4 mile plus trail of thrust waves, wind, BIG whirling areas, full sized trees speeding along, etc … not to mention the nasty, dirty water you really do not want to capsize into.

I like the control, stability, speed, so on and so forth, … the overall safety the decked canoes give for this type of paddling.

The Mississippi above St Louis is another story. The further above the better.



I would like a tandem canoe because I know people would like to ocassionally join me. Any other suggestions? or should I make them bring their own boat?:slight_smile: