A Good Sign

You know it’s good paddling weather if the turtles are out.


Weather warmed up enough for one last trip on Thursday, 9 Nov (10 Nov was the last trip for the past 3 years). Air on the land was 71, but near the water, temperatures for air and water were 60°/60°. Itvwaa a good trip, but now Im happy to take a break and do winter things.

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Well, as far as habits go, unless I’m injured I’m not likely to give up before the turtles. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers jyak!

Too cold for me. I have plenty to occupy myself with for the winter. Enjoy while it lasts.

I plan on going out for a few hours today. I’ll go late and paddle until it gets dark. Air is in the high 40s or low 50s and water is cold. I have no thermometer so how cold I can’t say, but not so cold I can’t stand it on my hands yet. I did 7 hours on last Saturday.
My wife ordered 2 pairs of cold waterproof gloves this morning, but by the time I am able to try them the lake may be super cold. Soon after it will freeze over and then I am done for the season.

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In southern Michigan one just doesn’t know what the winter paddling possibilities will be. There’s an annual New Year’s Day paddle on the Huron River in the Ann Arbor area and my local river tries to stay open. Last year all of January was above freezing which was unprecedented and not likely to happen this year; January and February are usually a bit nasty for paddling.