A good skirt for Cetus LV?

I used a Snap Dragon skirt on my Romany and Nordkapp but the same skirt on my Cetus LV leaks more water in than both other boats combined. Anybody out there has any good recommendations with their Cetus LV and goo skirt?

I use
a Seals Pro Shocker on my Romany. No complaints.

On our Ceti
We use Immersion Research Openwater and Shockwave skirts. Large deck size.

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I use a Snapdragon Medium deck on mine. It is the Flirt which is a women’s sprayskirt but that shouldn’t matter. I find it dry. Maybe your old one is just stretched out.

My experience is quite the opposite of

I recently purchased a Cetus LV. It replaced a Valley Aquanaut LV. I happened to already have a three year-old Snap Dragon Ocean Tour EXP Reinforced spray deck that was ‘custom’ fit to the coaming of the Aquanaut LV (a tracing of the coaming was send to Snap Dragon). One reason for the custom skirt is that I had a hard time getting a great fit on the Valley coaming using two other neo skirts (Snap Dragon Ocean Trek and a Seals Shocker).

The ‘custom’ Snap Dragon skirt actually allows less water in on the Cetus LV than it ever did on the Aquanaut LV. Just ask the folks at Snap Dragon (Richard) and they will tell you that it is hard to get a great fit on most Valley coamings. It is just the way their coamings are architected.

I find it highly ironic that a skirt made for one boat actually fits my Cetus LV better (e.g. allows less water in). Do not get me wrong. There are any number of neo skirts that will work on a Valley coaming, but you are not going to get an absolute ‘watertight’ fit on it or the Cetus LV coaming. It’s all ‘relative’.

If you have a Snapdragon NDK Skirt
. . . you may have another issue. The tunnel on an NDK specific skirt is a few inches forward of normal. That could be pulling whe deck away from the cockpit.