A good Solo Canoe Option

I am around 6 feet tall and 230 pounds and paddle with my dog who is another 50 pounds.

the canoe will be used mainly for river running, no rapids above a class II. The trips would be an average of 2 or 3 days, so i like to carry my 5-day cooler with me. In the past i haved used my wilderness systems tarpoon 120. But when i did the blackwater this past winter i used my tandem canoe so that i could take my dog and added gear. it was nice paddling a canoe agian. not trying to stuff my gear into little openings. i was looking at the mohawk solo odyssey 15. it does not look too bad. i am looking to spend less than $1000. ideally i can get something used and spend much less. thanks for any ideas Rick

Look around for a Mad River Guide
or MR Freedom Solo. You can sometimes buy a new left over for less than $1000.

depends on the dog
My dog moves around a lot. so I’d want a stable boat like a small tandem. I’d look more at the mohawk odysee tandem as the solo model is only 30 inches wide.

Another choice that I like is the mad river explorer 14tt. It is only 72 pounds but it is very stable.

An old town campe is under 60 pounds and there are a lot of other suitable tandems that can be paddled solo.

It just depends on how big and mobile the dog is.

i already have a fiberglass tandem
my dog sits right in front of me and stands and shifts her wieght on an occasions but she is really good in the boat. she has been down plenty of rivers on my tarpoon 120 siting behind me, but those were one day trips. that being said, my tandem just seems so big and slow and i want something quicker and more responsive. i also have a wavesport diesel for a day of whitewater paddling…

downriver canoe with dog
I used to do the same thing with my dog, a black lab, and I am the same size as you.

I would try any one of these boats: Fast downriver boat is a WeNoNah Rendezvous, in Roylex or glass layup; a WeNoNah Solo Plus, or WeNoNah Prism - super fast and light - mine in a kevlar version only weighs 32 lbs. Also a great boat - cheap - is an Old Town Penobscot 16 that is great as a solo boat, and plenty of room for dog and gear! This Old Town wins whitewater downriver races as a solo racing canoe (although it is factory set up as a two man) every year.

how about the argosy
what do think about it

solo for big guy w/ dog
Check out Nova Crafts’ Bob’s Special