A good waterproof monocular?

I have good binocs, but 1) They don’t fit in a pocket, and 2) I’m blind in one eye now anyway, and just getting the feel of dealing with waves back.

Anybody able to recommend a good monocular?

For the money…
Brunton Eterna 6 power.

It’s the perfect size and magnification for on-water use.

I’ll check it out.

focus with one hand?
Never used a monocular, can you hold in one hand and focus?

Brunton Eterna 6x30
Brunton Eterna 6x30

Used in daylight, the depth of field is enough that once you set it for your particular eye you don’t have to mess with the focus much. One setting will do for anything from around 100 feet to infinity.

I bought a Birska Monocular 8x25 I think.

Waterproof to 3 meters for 20 minutes.

Cost me $25 free shipping.

It fits into my PFD pocket and I use it all the time.

Why carry binocs when a mono will do!

durability concerns
I took a Brunton monocular on my Newfoundland circumnav to scout landing sites from the water. It was great for that purpose, optics were good, but it literally fell apart after about a week on the water (glue failed). I kept it in an under-deck back, so it was never submerged, but it never had a chance to get bone-dry either. I have seen a few similar cases reported on the web.

This is a pretty tough test, a lot of gear fails under the same conditions (the viewfinder and surface paint came off my Olympus camera on the same trip but kept working). For the record, Brunton gave me a RMA with no hassle (but I never bothered to get a replacement).

For day use where it is allowed to fully dry after each use it would probably be fine.

Greg Stamer

I just tried to find the Brunton and
nada. One place advertised it but was out.

Seems to be out of production
I got one last night on eBay, but it was the seller’s last one. Didn’t find any in regular retail stores.

RE: Bruton Eterna

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I have one a couple years old in like new condition. 75.00 Only taken out on a couple of trips. I spend much more time ultralight backpacking than paddling these days :) PM me if you're interested.

Another positive vote…

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Brunton Eterna 6x30; love it.
No big deal holding & focusing with one hand.


Vortex Solo
I’m not a fan of monoculars, but since it seems that the Brunton Eterna is all but impossible to find, you could look at the Vortex Solo. Available in 8x25 or 8x36. Waterproof and fogproof, the 8x25 is currently available for 49.99 at Eagle Optics.