A good week for paddling

Paddled 4 days in a row this week, not bad for December in Michigan.

Thursday was the first blue sky day in a long time.

Coming downstream I just floated so I could just bask in the sun. Seems like the heron was enjoying it too.

Friday was in the mid 50s so I put on some miles.

One highlight was passing a swan without disturbing it. Talking to it seemed to help.

The beaver are active

A bent shaft paddle is helpful for picking up “beaver bites” to use as fire-starters.

Yesterday it hit 59 which was a record. I got a late start and as I felt the wind increasing and pushing me upstream (a wonderful feeling) I remembered that a cold front with high winds was due to hit and I was on the same wide open stretch of river where I have been absolutely clobbered by changing winds several times in the past. But this time Mother Nature gave me a free pass…and somehow I was spared from the 56 mph gusts that I heard about on the evening news.


I’ve increased that “wonderful feeling” of going upstream with the wind. (Albeit, with a few additions than just my paddle.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Nice to get in those temperate days before the “frost giants” return.:+1:


That looks like a fine way to travel upstream!

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