A good word for Seals Skirts

Ordered a custom Seals skirt from a dealer.

Seals made it on their normal 2-3 week production cycle, but either they or the dealer got the skirt size wrong.

Dealer contacted them and they were able to produce the correct skirt in 3 days.


I concur. Just this week had great customer service from them. I bought one of their spray decks from Amazon and could not get it to extend the length of the cockpit. Thought I had the wrong model, so I emailed them. Then they called me to follow up and after a long discussion it was determined that Iā€™d be better off with something else which they are making for me.

The fact that they called to discuss my issue, was above and beyond. And helping me resolve my issue the way they did tells me they really care about their customers and safety, since a lot of our discussion revolved around bungee tightness and ability to release the spray deck. Customer for life I think