A Great Kayak Story

This has been posted before but a well written adventure.
The boat lost was once owned by one of our members…


That big tandem was cursed even prior to that attempt when it struck out on two different attempts to make the Everglades 300 mile challenge, (naturally in the two years with the worst weather they have had)

Yep, that’s a helluva story. I think I’ll stick with my canoes and paddling along the shore.

A bright blue plastic tandem from Wilderness Systems. With a curse on it.


Great story.

I wonder what other ‘high performance’ boats were used. In most ultra marathons, stable boats like the pair that made it had excel because at hour 25+ when you’re completely worn out, the stability reserve allows you to stay upright vs a fast tippy boat. Interesting that probably the slowest boat was the one that made it.

Very cool