A guy walks into a kayak shop

So I walked into a kayak shop today and they had kayaks. They had Dagger and Delta and Perception and Zegul and many others. They had SOT’s, white water boats, rec kayaks, touring, tandem and wee little ones for children. The colors were brilliant and shiny. They had all the extras and accessories that you could want. It was like Christmas and I was 5 years old again.


I’d love to see it. Are you sure it wasn’t a dream?

Nope. No dream. It was a beautiful sight to see. Better than the shop I used to deal with where you would pick a spot along a road or highway and a guy would stop and hand off your new boat.

What did you buy?

Deck bags. Had to execute some restraint. I would have been in trouble if I came home with another new boat again this year. (I have already bought a new paddle, camp chair, dry bags, waterproof bluetooth speaker, hammock, under quilt, top quilt, sleeping bag etc. etc)


What is really going to keep me out of the dog house is the above mentioned shop is 2 hours and 15 minutes / 142 miles away.

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That’s no hill for a stepper to climb.
The mileage, not the $$$.