A "Jonah" Moment

This happened to a Cape Cod lobster diver. Because there were no pics, he and his friend were subjected to accusations of telling a big “fish tale.”

Swallowing this tale.



The story is obviously real, but the picture at the start of it is a really bad fake.

Check out the short (46 sec) video near the end of the article @sing posted.
Holy Stromboli!

Monkeys sometimes have a selfish and paranoid perspective so it’s wise to get your news from multiple sources. For the same incident the Daily Whale is reporting Humpback Falsely Accused of Malicious Behavior and the Humpback Herald headline is Whale-hating Kayakers Try to Choke Humpback to Death. Personally, I wouldn’t be so forgiving if I found a kayak in my Cheerios.

Thanks, I understand the concern with the “embedded perspective.” I was more interested in the actual video, especially after recent controversy and film regarding a local incident:

Another interesting story which I don’t have an emotional reaction or opinion about is the recent incidents of orca pods deliberately taking out sailboats.


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