a little help

Does anyone know a good place to put in a kayak on the mystic river in CT?

A mystic would know. You could
peer down from Google Earth. You might even see individual kayaks. Boat access is often visible.

too bad g2d doesnt know
how to google.

Here is a link with driving directions.


Used to paddle there when we lived in CT but we have been gone for ten years now so I double checked wtih Google.

I assumed he might have done that,
but Google Earth is something many people don’t think of using for finding access. We’re going to, and through, New England soon, and I have been using Google Earth to spot access on several rivers.

Original poster really needs to know
how to use the website that provided your access info. It isn’t that easy to use, but there are multiple accesses on the Mystic River estuary, some farther inland (tide causing shallows?), some farther out. The site you linked (clearly visible as suitable from space) may be the best.

go to CT DEP web site
There is a listing for nearly all cartop putins in the state.

Mystic launch

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A few weeks back we put in at the public boat launch on Isham street. This is located at the south end of the sea port next to the boat yard. You will literally put in right next to where the Charles W. Morgan is undergoing her restoration. There is parking on the street but you can also move you're vehicle to the main parking lot if prefered. Mystic is an amazing place to paddle.


Here's a decent reference: