A Long Island trip anyone? or just info

so me and a couple buddies are thinking about kayaking to long island’s orient point from the connecticut shore one of these days during summer. anyone try it yet?

Long Paddle
Good Luck!

We did it in 1996
on a dead calm scorcher day. We launched from Old Lyme and went across to the beach on the North side.

We were lucky to not have any wind. It was a long day and we didn’t take enough water. People we met on Long Island at the beach were kind enough to bring us some.

There is a considerable current on the North shore of LI and one of us had a GPS… Ferrying across the current we really did not want to know we were going Europe bound at 2.5 knots (backward)

Use lots of sunscreen. After we got back to CT we went out to eat and people were staring at us. While we wore sunhats, the sun was from our left going across and from our left on the return. We had half red and half white faces.

26 miles round trip.

Be safe, have fun
My first big trip, many years ago, was from the Norwalk Islands to Port Jeff. It was an awesome!! Your post doesn’t say anything about your skill level, but if any of you are not well versed in rescues, I highly recommend that you get well-versed before the trip. You don’t want to be fumbling around trying to get someone back in their boat in the middle of the sound, especially in conditions that might arise that would lead to someone being out of their boat. Also, make sure to account for the tidal current and, of course, have at least 1 VHF radio and GPS.

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