A look at surviving and rescue at sea


I watched a Coast Guard helicopter practice a rescue in Charleston Harbor 2 years ago from my hospital room at MUSC. I thought this story on the news might be of interest here. God Bless the men and women who do this vital job.

We shoulf do them a favor and make sure
we don’t need to be rescued.

On a related note…

So Basically
So basically what I gathered from that video is to alert the Coast Guard that you plan to be rescued, give exact coordinates, and wait a couple minutes? Aside from the dead man float tip they gave zero survival tips. I shouldn’t be surprised since it was a national fluff piece, but still I am annoyed. B

Guy Smiley?

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The announcer/participant came across like the Sesame Street character.

At least he had a pfd on, but the wearing of one was never emphasized in the piece.