A lube to beat all other lubes?

For gliding agents, the best material to prevent human skin abrasion from wetsuit or latex just may be…hold on here…DOG SALIVA. Even after washing dog bowls with hot water and dish detergent, there is still a coating of slime unless I thoroughly scrub them. It is more persistent than grease!

Someone needs to make synthetic dog saliva and market it as a non-petroleum lube. Silicone grease is a non-petroleum lube but it’s not that slippery.

Caveat: I have not applied dog spit to my wetsuit or latex gaskets. Feel free to try it yourself!

Its the main ingredient of KY Intense

C’mon, Fido!
That studded collar is really doing it for me.

It’s Also An Antiseptic
True - saliva, canine or human, does have antiseptic properties. There’s a considerable history of dogs being used to promote healing by licking hard-to-heal human wounds, and current research is isolating the curative compounds in both canine and human saliva.

But given what I’ve seen my little canine companion chow down on given half a chance, I’ll stick to saline water and Polysporin, thank you…lol…

Otis, his name was Otis

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Fido is a sea lion

Dog palates
There’s a comedy bit wherein the comedian can’t believe his vet is recommending an unpleasant-tasting ointment “to discourage the dog from licking the wound.” As the comedian says, “Doc, this dog LICKS HIS OWN ASS. Do you really think he’s picky about taste?!!?!”

Or something like that.

My two rascals are ever on the hunt for morsels of elk dung, cow plops, horse apples, deer “raisinets”, and who knows what other kinds of scat. The fresher and nastier, the more desirable. I have also twice witnessed the male dog swallow ginormous amounts of food to head off the female from snatching it up…then he moves away and barfs it up for him to consume at leisure.

I don’t let them lick my face unless I’m going straight into the shower afterwards.

Now You Know Where…
…the old saying “It’s enough to turn a dog’s stomach” comes from…

Is it the saliva or bacterial slime
that’s the lubricant?

Our cat’s water bowl also gets a slime that’s challenging to remove.

no kidding
I run dog drool in my truck and it lasts almost 10,000 miles before it needs changing!

Greetings & Salivations

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Greetings and salivations,
dogs forever speak with foreign tongue,
to what remains they defile clean explanation,
in the end when all's said and dung.

If you can't lick 'em...Well, doggone it!

It’s bacterial slime
It is not the drool but the bacteria it feeds. You don’t want it on your neck.

dog barf is slippery
on a linoleum floor

Old joke
Why does a dog lick his testicles?

Because he can.

Dog saliva
I have noticed the same thing! In fact, I was researching just WHAT is in dog saliva that:

  1. makes it so slippery, and

  2. makes it so tenacious! I have put away dishes that I had given up scrubbing (you will NOT tell my wife…). I am relying here on the reputed antibacterial properties of canine slobber.

    If you find anything more, please share.