A mold is born...

We pulled the Indy (Independence) mold off the plug this afternoon. All looks good. Jacob will wet sand and buff like a mad man for a few days and then we’ll make a canoe.

Yee ha.

rebirth of the Indy! When will the canoe be ready for the market?

Two weeks…
But we’ll be paddling the first one next weekend.

I want to know
I saw you mentioned before it will have an inch or so more depth than the MR version, in keeping with the original design.

Is this going to increase tumblehome and reduce width at the gunwales? I’d like that.

3/4" deeper…

– Last Updated: Aug-28-08 7:37 PM EST –

as Jim originally intended. It will be pulled in a tad at the rails. Stay tuned for exact spec. We didn't engineer into it actual tumblehome by definition.

Sounds good
Farther I can heel her without shipping the better :slight_smile:


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The MR Independence. Nice boat! When I was searching for my first solo canoe, I came close to a picking up a Dagger Sojourn. I eventually wound up with a Mohawk Challenger (which I've grown to love), but I've always had an eye out for a reasonably fast, "good at most things" solo. Any idea what your price point will be? What marque will it be sold under? You have *my* attention. Royalex, fiberglass, kevlar or other layup?



Kevlar layup…
with a gel coat will be the standard layup for now. Next year we’ll play with skin coated Kevlar layups and see how it goes. Fiberglass…it’s a thought. We’ll see if it’s something the market demands.

Working on price this week. Kevlar with wood trim …$2000+/-. A bit less with aluminium.

It will be a Vermont Canoe.

Stay tuned.


Jim Henry get any royalities?

His design, his plug.

I’ll be bringing my vintage
Indy up your way in a few weeks. Mind if I stop in for a drool?

Swing on by…
Lots of great paddling up here.


Can’t wait to see and paddle it
… at Raystown. You did say you are bringing it, right? The big lake should offer opportunities to check out how additional depth works in the wind and chop.

Rob, can you elaborate a little on how the Indy was originally prodoced with less depth than Jim Henry intended? I like the shallow depth of it running empty. But loaded up with a bunch of gear and a big paddler, the extra 3/4 inch would be welcome. So, what’s the story?

MRC used the standard gunwale…

– Last Updated: Aug-29-08 9:41 AM EST –

For what ever reason they deemed it necessary, and attached them to exterior the strip/plug and then made the mold. Hence, the hull was a gunwale witdh shorter in depth(approx 3/4"). We're not convinced that the effect windage will be too noticable (we hope, anyway). It will certainly give paddlers with bigger feet a bit more addustability in seat height to facilitate comfortable kneeling. And technically, yes, it should be a bit drier in bigger conditions. The boat should still fit the avaerage to larger paddler well. No major change.

We may have some play with gunwale witdh, but we won't know till we build one out next week.

It will be at Raystown.


Send some cash to Dana as well!

Now I’m going to have to come to Raystown. It’s good to see you getting the Independence back into production along with your other fine offerings.