a new boat

I’m 6 ft. 250 lb. 57 year old guy.

I have a necky gannet now…very stable beginners boat. I prefer stability over speed and love to kayak on Long Island Sound in Ct. (mild sea type conditions). I.m looking in $2000 range. Any suggestions ?? Thanks so much.

How big a range?
I paddle a QCC500, and have dipped a paddle in LI sound. You would fit in one, and QCC has a sale going on now, but it would cost several hundred more than an even two grand.

If you are looking for a boat that would IMHO handle waves and choppiness you might consider an Impex Assateague. I have not paddled one, but I had the opportunity to sit in one at a CT retailer and it was a perfect fit.

Basically a chioce between a long waterline and a modified greenland keel.


$ range
well 2 large to $2500 is o.k.

Can you mention the dealer for the QCC’s ?

Thanks for the idea’s.

LI Sound and choice of boats…
I also think that you might like the fit of the Impex Assageaque. Other boats in that range to consider are the Wilderness Systems Tempest 180, the Necky Chatham 18, the Impex Susquehanna (depending upon where you carry your weight), and an Explorer (there are many others of choice). I am told that the QCC are great boats but have not paddled them. I was told that an Assateague and Tempest 180 were correct for me, though found them to be too large (5’10" and 225lbs.).

I have found that the best bang for the buck comes with buying a used kayak. Unless there is some new model I MUST have for some reason (which I cannot imagine)…I would buy a used boat, though I now prefer to build mine.

Of course your best buy would be from an individual, but then again some of the kayak shops in CT/RI could assist you in choosing a used kayak from their fleet of used boats.

Before purchasing, do yourself a BIG FAVOR(no pun intended…I am large too)and demo, demo and demo again the boats. Most of the CT/RI shops have plenty of boats to demo. Regading the LI Sound, I have minimal experience in it, but am confident that I would NOT consider it as a body of water with ‘mild sea conditions’. You might want to check out www.connyak.org a great group of folks who often paddle the LI Sound in group paddles. If you plan to continue to paddle the sound, definitely purchase a sea kayak that can handle it’s challenges and consider taking lessons and/or join some paddles with ConnYak.

Enjoy…and see you on the Sound…


L I Sound
you are entirely correct about the ‘Sound’. I was caught out once in a 17’ power boat and went 3/4 of the way to a capsize. With the kayak I pick the right days… with care. Thanks for the info Bob !


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drive up to Kayak Centre up in Wickford, RI (or closer outfitter) and spend a day demoing boats. They are right on an inlet of Narraganset Bay.

Nothing beats sitting in a boat and paddling it around to get a sense of whether it may fit or not for your size and skills.

You can afford to spend time demoing 'cause you already have a boat to paddle. Repeat after me, "There is NO RUSH!", especially if you are willing to spend $2000 on another one.


New kayak
I have a Nigel Foster Shadow . Its a large guys boat .

Its about 17 feet , 10 inches long and 23 inches

wide . It has a skeg , a compose and three bulkheads .

The kayak is in good shape ,I have not

used it for over a year .It is a little tipsy when

siting still but has good stability over all . It

has a hard chine hull .It does need a new seat as

I took out the old one .I am in Northern NJ .John

Tempest T180
We’re about the same size and I LOVE my Tempest. I wrote a review of the Tempest at Wes Boyd’s Kayak Place (www.kayakplace.com) a while back.

I’d suggest you go there and read some of the reviews. Wes’ is a great resource for larger paddlers.

Good luck