A new FUD? ladies?


granted they are pushing you to use it at a urinal…hmm…might work quite well for boating…

(Sorry if this offends guys, but practical is practical.)

Corgimus, thanks for spotting this. FUD’s are actually a whole lot less easily available than they ought to be, like available in stores like EMS. Pain in the whatever to have to pay mail order for an item that doesn’t even cost 10 bucks.

As to use for paddling, this looks quite workable for a lot of outdoor uses. But it might need a little more length to use with a p-zip in a dry suit.

Based on the subject line, I was thinking it was related to “Fear Uncertainty Doubt”, which s what came to mind when I first heard FUD.

I think size does matter
length in particular…Not long enough to exit a drysuit. I dont really want to go through all that work to find I wound up with the same damp interior of the drysuit that would have resulted from …well just peeing.

<br />
I think you can do better with a cooking funnel and some tubing from Home Depot.

Length DOES matter
I use a freshette. I named it Elmer (you know, F.U.D.-).

It is also easy to add longer tubing for use while IN your kayak.

it could probably double up as a m2m
it could probably double up as a mouth to mouth resuscitation device …

a home made one
I use the face mask normally used to ventilate a person (it has a soft perimeter and a firm mask) attached to the blue ventilator tubing (just cut to length).



now in a color guaranteed to turn heads

it will match with Kokatat’s Radish (nt)

SaniFem Freshette
available at REI -free in store pickup! You can buy tubing at Home Depot for added length and the little ring inside the tubing from the plumbing dept there also! West Marine also sells (larger) male/female portable urinals for car travel etc.

You gotta
give em credit for the ad. I thought it was pretty funny. Having tried an earlier version on one of these type things in my bathroom before deploying - it does take practice (helps to have a long arm and I gave up after one try). I never actually used mine but I sure have been places where it would be handy.

Try again…
It takes a couple of tires, but boy is it handy.

Celia, should that have been "tries"
instead of tires? LOL, sure conjured up a funny image.

Freshette is the best. No skeeters on my butt.


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this Fanciful Urinary Directive
for Feminine Urethra Distensia
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Fancy Unleashing Decline

But, just where the Michelin Man comes into the equation has me back at B FUD L'd.


Uh yeah
It’s kinda funny the way it is though - I’ll leave it there. See if it launches whole subthread.

I wish the boys would
practice with tires.

It would save a mess on the bathroom floor…

I doubt I’ll ever pee in the woods again without thinking of you ;^)

Unfortunately , boy equipment
doesn’t come with sights.The smaller the boy,the higher the pressure.Very easy to lose control.With 3 grandsons,we do a lot of floor and toilet area cleaning.

A good paddle pal just showed me the Go girl that she bought it’s very cute but really ladies why not just get over that hang up of just going in the woods? I certainly hope she does by next paddle season. Just my 2 cents.


OK I’ll probably get reamed on this!