A new paddle

Nit to long ago i had my paddle stolen out of the back of my truck so now I am down to my backup I need some ideas on geting a new paddleplease

Not a useful post…

You really should provide more information as background.

How can it be worthwhile for people to spend the time helping you if you don’t (apparently) think it’s worth your time to make a better post?

new paddle
contact pat at onno paddlesS!

What do you use your paddles for?
Whitewater…touring…we need to know more. The paddle you had stolen…did you like it? If so, just get another one like it. If not, why?

Sorry about the first message
I’m sorry I was starting to get in a bind at work so I had to get foo the computer. I am in the market for a rec. paddle. I do not know the brand of my old one It belonged to my cusin berfoer he got a new one and the brand name was worn off. I think I would preferr a low entry blade. I know i need it to be light I put in sonme long days on the water and the last thing that I need is a heavy paddle. Not shure about blade size. And i don’t know the difference between a straight shaft or a bent shaft. I would like it to be a two piece for storage.

Again sorry about the first message hope this one is more heapfull.

Makes reasonably priced paddles that are very good for their price. You are likely to find them discounted at this time of year.

Aquabond, James Aquabond


There are many manufacturers of good, reasonably priced paddles. If you paddle frequently, it would be reasonable to spend about $100. (You could spend much more but you don’t need to).

Take apart (two piece) paddles are the norm (except for WW).

Bent shaft paddles tend to be more expensive than straight shaft. The major benefit is that the bent shaft allows a more closed grip (all fingers gripped around the shaft) with less wrist strain.

What kind of boat are you using?

Just don’t pay less than $130
Some people on this forum think there are no decent paddles under this price.

Agreed. My Aquabound Stingray
Carbon, weighs about 30 ounces. Got it on sale $90. I bought it this summer to move up from my Harmony Estuary, and I love it so much that I would sleep with it at night if my wife would let me. Come to think of it, the Estuary was a good paddle to begin with, if you’re looking for something cheaper - $60.