A new stove

I saw this and thought someone here might be interested.


New Stove?
Not a new stove just a new concept for a “burn anything for fuel” stove. I have a Zip Ztove that is just as good and costs 20 bucks less and takes up less space. What I love about it is that I dont need to carry fuel around with me and risk the canister leaking or even worse getting lost. Driftwood and most all leaves and twigs burn very well in the stove. remember to coat your pots and pans with soap before you start cooking over an open fire or else you will have a long clean up time scouring off the black soot off the bottom and sides of your cook pots

never heard that!
what kind of soap?


your hands are soaking in it

New stove
It appears to use the same principle as the hobo stoves we made as kids.

the soap that you should
use is liquid dish soap. It will allow the soot and grime to come off much much much easier than nothing at all. which is what you might get off the pot is you use nothing at all and many of us know the kinda mess that can make when you try to repack the dirty grimey pot

Yes but
there are a few things about it I’m not sold on: Depends on a battery and we all know how that works :slight_smile:

Cooking vessel must be removed to replenish fuel.

I have a Littlbug Senior which doesn’t use batteries and you can add fuel without removing the pot. Disassembled, it takes virtually no room in the hatch. They both suffer from the soot problem though:(

Oven cleaner…
spray a little on the black pots…wipes right off…

anytime you cook over a non clean burning fuel you are going to have soot. the only way to not get the soot is to burn over gas.

This one says 40 hrs runtime
I just saw the thing and not endorsing this, seemed lightweight. With 40 hrs for the batteries it should last for a while on a trip. Anyway just interesting.

new stove
Interesting concept but that fan noise is pretty noticeable thru the cheesy camera mic. High setting looked like an accident waiting to happen. I’ll keep my MSR Pocket Rocket. No sooty mess and much more compact. Cheaper too.

some of us will actually coat a pot
with olive oil, then bake it on-several bakings due the job, then it is naturally ‘anodized’…you do the same thing with cast iron before you can make really good cornbread…after the process clean up is a breeze and since it’s black you will cook with less fuel.

Concerning the new stove post, it like a zip stove require a battery-duh. Worthless in a survival situation. If you want to carry an extremely lightweight stove—though expensive—that uses native materials look at the Bushbuddy stove out of Canada.

As a reminder if you cook something that has fat in it and you are using a zip stove or Bushbuddy, you can make nice soap just combining the fine ashes and the fat that is still in the pot.

Cast iron
will not fit on a Zip Ztove. at least I would not use it.

Neufeld MK I
I have one of these that packs very small, starts easy, burns hot. Works well.


power the fan which make a wicked hot fire, but I wonder if the fan is necessary. If the batteries give out won’t the stove still work, just less quickly? I can’t tell.

AA seems a good choice if electricity is neccessay. All my lamps and radios, even my camera, use them so I always carry spares. Having backups in my camera that’ll run my stove for a week seems reasonable.

zip ztove
sounds great but not as great as claimed. I just looked and from what I can see it is neither cheaper, lighter, nor more compact if you add the accessories to make it comparable to this stove. They seem about the same except, and this is only from pictures without handling either of them, the Vital Stove looks wider at the base, seems to have more substantial pot supports, and being square folds flatter. The Zip is double-walled which ought to offer an advantage if operating correctly and a disadvantage if not.

Catalytic heaters for pressurized gas are on the market. This probably flies in the face of the advantages of wood heat, but wouldn’t a catalytic wood stove be the bee’s knees?

I don’t get it
It’s called a “survival stove”, but 1) it has batteries, 2) requires you to light it from the top (!), 3) only takes pre-cut chunks of wood that fit through the top, and 4) has moving electrical parts. This thing sounds like an unreliable pain in the butt (how much extra sawing are you going to have to do?). Burning wood fuel is passé in places that get a lot of usage like state parks. And if you are going to build a wood fire, why not save yourself the trouble and do it the old fashioned leave-n-trace way (shavings, lots of oxygen, light from below, blow, ad more kindling, etc.)? Can you imagine trying to pack this thing in your backpack?

lots of different mousetrap designs, too
but only the simple ones really work. the whole concept is that its supposed to work anywhere, any time, right?

the “burn anything” survival stove is pretty minimal and I’d guess it can save weight, etc…but I still like my jetboil too much anyway. Starts up every time!

I use a single burner coleman that has served me for almost 30 years. I also carry a pepsi can stove and one bottle of heet for a backup.

The alcohol stove is not the flamethrower that the coleman is but I see nothing that can go wrong with it, plus the bottle of heet would be valuable if you needed a roaring fire 5 minutes ago if you know what I mean.

2nd The Neufeld
We have one - Xmas gift for my wife. Just used it for a camping and paddling weekend, after our Whisperlite bit the dust the 2nd morning out - the Neufeld works like a charm. Did bacon and eggs, chicken chunks and peppers, bacon and beans, and kept the kettle boiling - great piece of gear. It’s earned a permanent place in our camping supplies. Very tough, very light, breaks down to a flat package, burns twigs…what more could you ask???