A PDF that won't ride up on me?

I’m looking for a better PFD. Mine always wants to ride up on me when I’m, say, practicing wet exits and re-entries. I’ve got a fairly squared-off torso. I make it so it doesn’t ride up, but that involved positioning the vest so that the lowest strap sits under my rib cage (fine), and then I have to tighten the hell out of it, which gets old pretty fast. I use an NRS Farmer John hydroskin

What I’d like to find is a PFD that has some sticky or grippy material on the inner surface that helps keep the PFD in place. That or a cinch-strap system that works without me having to tighten it down so much. Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks, Doug

Stohlquist Gripp-Loc
Stohlquist make a range of excellent PFD’s with a technology they call Gripp-Loc. It is a stsyem that is designed to eliminate vest ride-up, with special new materials.

I have one and have been using it for just over a year now in all types of kayaking (touring, WW, Surfing, play boating) and love its comfort and that fact it never rides up.

Check out their range at;


I can highly recommend Stohlquist’s PFD’s to anyone looking for a safe & comfortable PFD.

Wear pfd like shorts to stop ride up.
And regarding all the trick systems to stop ride up, they are better than nothing, but obviously, even with grippy surfaces, they rely on snugness, which restricts movement. For better results, open boaters can use crotch straps. My thinking with decked boats is that pfds should mate to the sprayskirt, which should be attached to one’s pants, or with crotch straps. But that would involve the boating accessories industry working together, an unlikely prospect.

My new PFD
I just bought Stohlquist “Drifter” and I paddled my canoe for a few hours over the weekend with it on and I it was so comfortable. No rubbling under the arms and no ride up. Very well made.

None of mine ride up while paddling.
It’s riding up while SWIMMING that’s the issue.

Take what you have to a good
Cobbler and have them add crotch straps. Go out and get the type of webbing and quick release buckles that you like and have them sewn on.

My Solution
I wear a belt on my pants/shorts and clip the PFD belt on my Lotus Rio Grand arround the belt on the pants. WW

is the only PFD that seems to stay put on me. Its not the grip lock, but rather the diagonal strap running from chest level to lower waist that holds it down while swimming.