A perfect spring day to be on the water

Blue skies, sunny, and mid-50s made for a perfect afternoon on the Red cedar (Michigan) Williamston rapids to Grand River Avenue. Only two portages, a couple of bump throughs & a paddle through the woods made this stretch about as clear & easy as I’ve seen it. We did see a number of large piles of logs form the clearing that the county Drain Commission did a couple of years ago. Tom & Connie Cannon slowed down for a bit to chat before they picked back up to their normal speed and disappeared down river.


Meant to add a couple of pictures but took a walk instead.


Nice. A little bit of quick, sparkling water to liven up a day in the sun. :smile:


Looks nice. I was on the Paw Paw today a bit west of you.

Couldn’t miss the day. No surprise that the Paw Paw looks similar to the Red Cedar.

Looks nice - I got out Friday when it was 74, and definitely developed a bad case of spring fever. Hopefully the snow and cold are gone for good, but typically there is one more spring storm left in our future. Glad you got out. Enjoy.

Good time to dress for immersion.

Paddled on the Huron River east of you today and last week. Lots of buffleheads and gulls coming through this week, and a big flock of turkeys.

Nothing green to be seen except for pines and moss; even the skunk cabbage aren’t sprouting yet. And though there is still ice on some of the backwaters and snow in the forecast, I did spot two confused turtles basking on logs.

Looks like another round of wet stuff coming over this Thursday-Friday. The rivers will flow and the waves will roll in.

Enjoy before the summer doldrum arrives faster than we (I) want.


Silver maples are starting to bloom on the Red Cedar. We were out again today to paddle the next section down stream. No turkeys or turtles but we did see a few deer.

It was good to get out again before the weather turns back to March.

I haven’t SEEN any turtles but two days ago I heard a couple of telltale “plops” as I passed fallen trees. I think that’s a good 3 weeks earlier than normal. And it’s great to hear the sandhill cranes coming in.

Ended up hiking rather than paddling yesterday - “peeper” tree frogs were out. Mid 20’s here this morning, but it it going to warm back up later in the week.

Spring got here about 4 days ago. Yesterday it was in the mid 60s and Saturday we were at 76 degrees. Last week we had a low of -16F. So when it warmed, it came fast. A 92 degree increase from our low last week to our high this week.

The ice was 24"-28" thick last week. As of yesterday when I looked the lake has not got enough open water for any paddling, (a few narrow channels around the shores in places) but I expect that will be completely different in 1 week or maybe 10 days. As the mountains warm and the water comes down-river the lake level will rise, and the break-up will go into high gear. I and my wife and friends will need to dress for cold water for sure, but the water will be ready for our kayaks soon.
I am looking forward to getting out there.

Sure if you don’t mind the 15mph wind we got from the south. Then on Sunday at changed to NW. Then Monday to east. Oh well. Pressure washing tomorrow.

Fish we were all up in the trees. Wild to be walking out the dock carrying step patterns and see a 3ft gar-fish below cruising amongst the trees.

Puget Sound on the afternoon of March 27 taken just south of Pt. Beals on Vashon Island. Not all that interesting as a photograph, but it was a beautiful day to be out on the water.

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Spring means warm weather and cold water. PFDs and wet suits and dry suits.
It is the time of year with the most fatalities.