A question about waterproof phone cases

What do you all love or hate about different phone cases?
I need to pick up some new ones.

Curious on what responses will be. I just put mine in a ziploc and keep it in my pfd.

I have used Lifeproof cases on my iPhones for many years. They protect from drops and immersion - no dead phones or broken screens since I have been using them. I like the colors too.

They do have a few drawbacks. They are expensive, although I can usually find them much cheaper on Amazon. They usually last about 9-10 months before the lens over the camera starts to cloud up and the case itself starts to deteriorate. The one I am using now is about a year old and is probably the longest I have had one. The phone call quality can get bad as they age, which necessitates replacement as well.

Given that I live on a sailboat and kayak 70-80 days a year they are necessary for me. Buying on Amazon at $30-40 each instead of $80-90 MSRP has made it much less painful to replace frequently.


I’ve got one of those waterproof pouches. Couple of issues. First, I have to take the case off my phone to get it to fit. Second, the touch screen is even more resistant to my touch than with no pouch, so at some point its easier to just use a waterproof box which is easier to open. On the plus side the dry bag style closure is robust. I don’t use it anymore - my Galaxy S7 can (and does) withstand immersion.

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Reason I have a phone and not a paperweight after all these years.

Screen works with dry hands. Not wet. Numerous sizes for phones w/wo cases.

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My phone is rated IP68, but on the extremely rare occasions I bring it with me in my boat, it is in a Pelican box, turned off, in a hatch. I don’t go kayaking to be tied to an electronic leash. I have a VHF radio on my PFD for keeping contact with a group or for emergency communications on the water.


I bought a lifeproof case for my samsung phone. I eventually stopped using it. As advertised it kept my phone safe on and off the water but the drawbacks were many. It muffled the sound and it made it hard for others to hear me talking (my mike opening is on the back of the phone). Recharging was more difficult because you had to fiddle more to get the recharging cord to fit. Eventually the seal on the recharging door of the lifeproof case fell off and became lost. You couldn’t use a larger battery on the phone with the case on. It can be difficult to open the case to switch out batteries.
Eventually I just stopped using the case- the hassles outweighed the benefits

LifeProof FRĒ for everyday use, which slips into an Aquapac when I’m paddling as I want my iPhone tethered when I’m in my boat.

Mine goes in a Pelican box with no intention of being used except in emergency and for the odd photo.
If you need music or videos on the water, don’t go with me.


I can’t imagine listening to music when paddling with other people, but as a solo paddler I do often use my iPod Nano while doing LSD paddles. Helps pass the time and energizes me.

Aquapac makes a nifty case which has a connection for wired earbuds.

The current crop of iPhones are waterproof, I don’t run a case, it gets wet all the times, even underwater, and it’s fine.

But… don’t put it in a PDF pocket and practice wet re-entry, you will crack it!

I have used the LP open screen and covered both. They actually replaced one for me, the door broke. I liked the LifeJacket float. I carved mine up a little bit to fatfinger easier, still floats the boat and it’s bright orange. Adds impact protection too.

Peace, J

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What’s an LSD paddle? Trippy? :crazy_face:

:laughing: I was waiting for someone to ask that.

Long slow distance. :innocent:

Hometown is New Paltz NY , not founded by French Huguenots but more modernly settles by poor direction followers trying to go to the original Woodstock music Festival. Hence some acronyms stand out.

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Yup. That’s the first thing I thought of when I came across it in a book about training for endurance.

I just picked up this cheap one from Academy Sports. You can use the touch screen through the case and the video looked good too. Magellan Outdoors Waterproof Phone Case | Academy

Water resistant iPhone enclosed in an Otterbox Defender case (for drop/impact and screen protection).
It survives being dunked, every time. Need to remove it from the Otterbox and dry things off though - not really a problem. I prefer to wait until getting back onshore before taking things apart.

Several LifeProof cases over the years. They’re ok, poor audio I think (as mentioned in another post). They wear out quickly (also mentioned in another post). I quit buying them after their company wouldn’t replace one that had a rubber seal break open less than two months after I got it.

There are some nice waterproof flip phones too. I used them for several years.

New Paltz NY it is the gateway to the Gunks a great place to climb!

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It depends on which boat I am paddling. In the fast flatwater boat I put it in a dry storage bag. In the rec boat I throw it in the tackle box to take fish pictures. In the surfski it sits in the glove box of my truck.

It is a hardened Kyocera that will supposedly survive 6 feet of water for 30 minutes. I don’t really want to find out, though.