A question for polers.....

How do you polers shuttle your poles? I have a home-made 10’ pole which barely fits inside my van. It goes from the back door of the van up to the dashboard with little room to spare. I know a 12’ pole would not fit in there. I’m guessing that you folks strap your pole to the roof.

My van has a roof rack and I suppose I could attach the pole to it. My truck, however, does not have a rack. When I shuttle a canoe with the truck I use a modified version of the Styrofoam block system. Anyhow, the truck does not have any type of “rack” up top to attach my pole to, so I’m wondering how I could make this work.

I’ve considered putting the pole inside the canoe and tying it to the thwarts so it doesn’t bang around up there [or possibly come loose and become road-kill] during the shuttle.

What works? What doesn’t?



Inside de canoo
an’ tied in good, be wat ah’d do.


I tie mine inside the canoe
I use rubber strap tied to a thwart or seat. Very secure. No worries, no issues.

The old Beletz aluminum poles are 12’
and have a breakdown ferrule in the middle. I think very few people ever used it, however. I just tie it alongside the boat.

Pole transport
If the flexing of the pole will allow try at least on e throat to be sure it is attached to the boat. The bad part of this would be the stop/start that would cause the shift. Then there is the long trip with hwy/interstate with trucks and their air stream flow. What about at least one end of pole tucked in bow or stern then secure it several times as needed. Use the trucker’s not for easy release. I face the same thing and am working on my design. I have an idea of a larger pvc pipe that would hold fishing rods,paddles,push pole. I have a relative who loves to move my rods around then he sat on my fly rod and now I use him for shark bait. He knows my feelings to the extreme now and is baned from going in my truck.

In the boat or on the rack
I often use two-piece poles, and just toss the poles in the truck bed with the paddles. I have a light wood one-piece pole, and I’ve tied it in the canoe before and carried it there. But most of the time I just wrap it tightly to the rack with bungee cords. So, either way works.

Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

12’ pole in the 16’ boat, no problem
I have a pad eye in my gunwale near the portage thwart. I tie off the pole(s) to the thwart and padeye so the pole(s) follow the curve of the gunwale. They’ve ridden thousands of miles no problem.


On rack or canoe. No problem.


Thanks, folks!
I can see that securing the pole inside the canoe will be the answer. I can fit one end of the pole under the deck at either end and then attach it to a thwart [or a seat]. I like the rubber strap idea to prevent the pole from slipping loose. I think this will work. Thanks to all.


I like taping poles, paddles
inside the canoe, under the thwarts. I use hockey tape, not the stick stuff but the tape used to hold shin pads on. Electrical tape may work but it stretches a bit more.