A question of glue

For you experienced woodworkers: Is it possible to glue bare wood to a similar species that has been treated with Watco? (solo yoke cleats to treated gunwales)

Gorilla glue claims to be able to bond oily species of wood, but I was wondering about bonding to wood saturated with a petroleum-based product.

Curious Jim

Ah’ wouldn’t think so…
Ah’ wouldn’t take de chance (ah’ thin’ ah’m gonna give it a try as an expeerimint, though). Wat ah’ would do is sand de glue area down ta raw wood then glue. If yer gonna use Gorilla Glue moisten de surfaces first, dis glue requires a bit o’ moisture ta cure.

sand,clean epoxy
Treated with watco oil doesn’t mean it goes deep. I would sand the area till the wood is stripped and lightens, wipe it down with acetone, and use epoxy to glue. Epoxy will work much better that Gorilla glue or any of it’s polyurethane cousins.

Don’t know about Watco oil, but with
a “dry” penetrating oil like Minwax 209, normal surface sanding and cleaning would allow a good epoxy bond. I’ve used a lot of 209 on furniture, and I also use it on paddle handles because of it’s dry feeling finish.

Watco Exterior Oil does seem to leave a waxy feel, and that may predict poor epoxy bonding.

BTW is this for Martin Steps yoke?
If so I also set 2 SS wood screws into each cleat, one to each side of the bolt slot.

OT but similar
How can I get something glued with Elmers to come apart? Very fragile wood, high end custom made credenza that has door louvers. The louvers came apart, I glued them back in upside down DUH!!! HELP!!

isn’t a cure all.

Steam. possibly. This will raise the
grain of the wood, but probably will not do any more harm. Good luck.

if it’s a glass boat

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you can dunk the area of the gunnels with a cloth, saturated with acetone.
That would take nearly all of the Watco out.If it's a RX hull, you'd either have to take the gunnels off to do that or find another solution.
No glue will stick permanently to an oiled surface.

jjoven :
Yep, I’m considering a Step “inspired” yoke. I do not believe that I can contour the cleat sufficiently to merge it with the inwale, so my idea is to nestle the cleat under the inwale. I had planned on at least 4 SS screws up through the cleat into the underside of the inwale but a glue joint would make things stronger. My idea is to install a 1/4-20 threaded brass insert in each cleat to receive the tightening knob/stud. The yoke would rest atop the cleat, even with the top of the gunwale. Once the knob is tightened, there should be minimal twisting force between the yoke and cleat. I’m hoping that a 35# boat will not be too much weight for the system.

Thanks to all for your input.


PS: an alternative to the SS screws would be to install some 10-24 threaded inserts in the underside of the inwale. I’ll have to check dimensions when I pick up the boat in a couple of weeks to see if ther is room.

great idea
That will look nice. And work pretty good too.

Man, I am dumb

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One of the advantages of having a CAD program is the ability to "doodle" with the computer.

I have been doodling for a month now (not continuously, just now and then) over how to best equip a solo tripper with a yoke. And it just hit me a couple of days ago: the cleat can be sandwiched between the seat arch and the inwale. No glueing needed - use the stock seat hanging bolts. The arch will need to be shortened by the thickness of the cleat. I estimate it will protrude about 3" forward of the seat, and about 1-1/2 inches at the attachment point. The cleat will be cantilevered about 3" without support, but I think I can size the wood to take the strain of a 35# boat.

Good thing I was not charging myself by the hour!


Edit: I just realized that this would be a good way to attach the Wenona yoke brackets. Hmmm....suddenly there are many possibilities.

can’t be that dumb…

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you figured it out...eventually. :-)

It would have been so much easier
if I had an actual boat to look at! Planning on fixing that problem next weekend.