A reasonably priced kayak for fishing?

I’ve been tossing around the idea of buying a pair of kayaks to just cruise lakes and use for fishing. here is a chance I might use them in the ocean at some point, since I will always live near the ocean (I’m in the Navy). Right now I have the chance to buy two Walden Scout Kayaks for a decent price. The reviews section had a lot of good to say, but most reviews I read were pretty positive.

So my question is should I jump on these (the pair is $750) or should I wait for another pair to come along that is a different style? The Walden Scout has a decent carrying capacity, and I weigh 190 lbs. The other bonus is there are two available, so i can always have one for a friend to use. But if a SOT would be better for me, I could hold out.

Thanks for any advice.

Gosh, hard to say
I think SOT’s are the cat’s pajamas for fishing. Really good. Especially for coastal fishing. The coastal kayak-fishermen are all pretty sold on SOT’s, and with good reason.

I river fish, so in the event of a capsize, I might have a hundred yard swim on a big river to get to shore to regroup. In a coastal environment, you’ve got to self-rescue without possibility of landing. SOT’s are waaaaaaaay easier to do that. There are other advantages to SOTs for fishing, but that’s the big one.

Not to say you can’t fish from a Sit-in. Of course you can.

So that drives the questions: Will you primarily be paddling with a little fishing thrown in, or primarily fishing and using a kayak as a convenient conveyance to the fishing grounds? If the former, then either SinK or SOT. If the latter, definitely SOT.

As far as the Walden Scouts, that seems like a fair price for two of them if they’re in good condition. I don’t know anything about the boats except that they were all the rage as recreational/day-tourers a few years ago. Boats don’t become that popular unless they’ve got something to recommend them.

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fishing is main goal
I’ll just say fishing is my main goal. I’m sure a lot of times I’ll go out with friends and not fish, but when I’m on my own I’ll be there to fish.

On ebay there is a fishing kayak, but I couldn’t find a review on this site. It’s a Crow Wing Pro-Angler, but it’s only 8ft long. The price is nice, about $350-400 with shipping, but I know nothing else about it. Should I just watch the paper for a used one? Would $400 get me a pretty decent sit on top kayak? I’ve been watching craigslist, but I think everyone else has also.

Thats an excellent price
for 2 walden scouts. Those are nice boats, wide and ultra stable. Not fast, but they can carry a lot stuff, you included. They’ll make top drawer fishing craft for INland waters. But if you’re planning to venture off shore, an SOT is the way to go. THe Walden Scouts are barely over 10 feet long and they won’t handle very well in big water.

No Crow
Personally I would not mess with the Crow, especially for off shore. There are quite a few good fishing SOT’s available in used. Depends a lot on where you are. Check the local classifieds, the classifieds on this site, Craigslist and some of the fishing forums in your area. There are some starter boats available in the $450 to $500 dollar price range such as the Mainstream Kingfish. On the Kingfish, make sure you check the scuppers in good light from the inside of the boat. They had a bad run and leak problems at the scuppers. 14’ boats are probably the most popular. If there is fishing around, there will be kayak fishermen and they are usually a pretty friendly group. They will usually help out a newbie and teach them the ropes. You would be better off spending the money on one good boat and a good paddle then buying two cheap boats. Go fishing and make some new friends. The majority are probably red necks at heart and will go out of their way to help a service man or woman.

If you are considering using a kayak
to go through the surf and fish beyond the breakers, look around of a Wilderness Systems Ride. Now the the '07 models have come out, some want to upgrade and the older Ride has been replaced with a newer one that has a large tankwell. The older Ride is a good all around fising craft and paddles fairly well. The Scouts will be fine for lake paddling and fishing lakes and the bay, but not for going through the surf.

go with a SOT
If you plan on fishing the most, I say a SOT is the way to go because you have a lot more storage, easier access to it and you can really rig it up for fishing a lot better than a sit-in with multiple rod holders, fish finders, anchor systems, bait tanks, etc… I have a Malibu X-factor and really like their line of models but Wilderness Systems and Ocean Kayak are big names too… I’d look at those three and read some reviews on them to find what would be most suitable for yourself… I don’t know about getting a pair really cheap as they’re all very popular and used ones at good prices go real quick but maybe you can get lucky… I say buy yourself something top of the line and buy something mediocre for the other one! If you really get into it, which I’m sure you will, you’ll regret not buying something nice the first time and want a good, made for fishing yak…

Cobra FnD and Malibu X-Factor
I have been looking at various SOT kayaks. The Cobra Fish N’ Dive caught my eye, it has a huge carrying capacity, and I scuba dive- so it might be interesting to try diving from it. I’ve found them for $1000 with shipping, it’s a little steep, but feasible.

The Malibu X-Factor was another one I was checking out. The price is similar to the Cobra, and the reviews are also very positive.

I watch Craigslist and ebay, but with no luck- all I ever see locally is whitewater kayaks or other short ones. It seems SOT’s are pretty much kept by their owners here.

Fish n Dives are hard to come by for the
reasons you mentioned. Good dive kayaks. Also, SOT’s bring a premium on the used market near the salt.

Just ordered two
I just ordered two kayaks. I went with the Cobra Fish N’ Dive and Cobra Escape. I weigh 180 lbs and my wife weighs 105 lbs, so I wanted the two different sizes. I also like that I can attach a small motor to the Fish N’ Dive, I think that would be convenient when carrying two sets of dive gear.

They are supposed to arrive around the 1st, I’ll post reviews after a few uses.

Fish n Dive
You will like the Fish n Dive. Mine is set up with outriggers and an electric trollin motor. Two milk crates, one in the tank well n one on the jump seat with my fish finder mounted on it. Lots of rod holder fore n aft. I carry two batteries…disabled n can’t paddle all day anymore!

You need outriggers on and FnD?
As wide as it is, I sorta though it was its own outrigger. Nice set up.