A reminder (not from me) to wear a PFD

Today I was paddling on the St Joseph River in SW Michigan and I saw some colorful stuff on an island so I stopped to take a look.

It turned out to be a cheerful memorial to the 45 year old man that drowned this past June. The sandy island had dozens of cheerful painted rocks, many with a few words on them.

Matt managed to rescue an 8 year old girl that was struggling in the water. I imagine the pink sweatshirt that you can see in the top right corner was hers.

Today the river was low and slow…but still capable of getting folks into trouble. Last June when the tragedy happened it would have been about six feet higher. Pic shows my boat on the island with the memorial.


Poignant and powerful.

Matt was loved and is missed.

Good reminder. Thanks for sharing.

Last year 86% of drowning deaths among boaters involved people who were not wearing a PFD.

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