a second kayak continued, Inuit 12.5

I spent a couple hours in a paddle shop today visiting with the owner and sitting in several kayaks (still looking at options for a plastic second boat to partner with my Capella 173). Cockpits that worked best for me had a keyhole shape to allow my knees to remain closer together and high thigh braces to allow my knees to remain higher. I haven’t demoed any paddle shop boats yet but interestingly a boat whose cockpit fit me very well is a Liquid Logic Inuit 12.5.

I was thinking I want a narrower and longer plastic touring boat but the comfort of the Inuit cockpit has convinced me to demo it.

I noticed that the Liquid Logic hulls have harder polyethylene than say the Necky plastic boats. Also the Inuit hull has a jet ski looking hull profile that looks to stiffen up the hull. The Inuit also has a built-in skeg that probably helps the short hull to track.

Those who read my last post, any thoughts on the Inuit 12.5. The Inuit seems pretty far from where I started looking but I guess the next step is to demo it.

interesting …
…that you would mention the quality of the LL boats…I forgot to mention in my last post that,as you look at other boats , the skegs in some of them are pretty darn flimsy compared to the skeg in a LL XP 10. Quality is always a major consideration. I also have sat in the Inuit and liked it,but not in the market for another boat…yet!! …i got 4 already.

Inuit 14.5
I took out an Inuit 14.5 last year on two seperate days. Day one was on a lake with moderate wind. The Inuit was my favorite of the 3 kayaks that day. The other two were a Current Designs Storm and a Phoenix Hurricane SOT. All three were fun and adequate but the Inuit was the most comfortable and had the best response. What I mean is that it was easy to direct, it responded to body shift, it seems to be well made and well balanced. The Inuit was also a pleasure on a 5 hour river trip. The river was mild, with only 2 short rapids perhaps class 2 but nothing too intimidating. Personally I really enjoyed the Inuit. Im surprised it does not get more exposure. It looks like Liquid Logic is now the manufacturer instead of Native Watercraft(?)…there is an awesome video on Youtube of an Inuit doing a rapid in the Grand Canyon…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTlkwMIsgVo