A short kayak video

Can not open the link tonight
Does anybody have the link or saved video? If so gyhowie@aol.com please.

It’s 2 MB, but it sent on my end. Enjoy.

it’s actually korean
The guy is screaming “What’s that?!.. He got killed!.. He’s dead!”

And yes it was for a Korean Powerade commercial that never aired in the US. Still it’s pretty cool.

way better
tho I did have a grey go right under me at the Coos bar. 50 or so footer. 8’ fluke and a blow hole a basketball would fit in. solo paddling out the bar in january.

me heart was a pumpin’!

have a good holidaze?


Hey pstivers3
Could you send me a copy also?

copy to me as well
can you email a copy to me as well

I cannot run the video at work



Could I ask for help, too?
Every time I try the link, it sends me to the Wannadoo search engine instead.

It’s killing me to see everyone’s reaction to it and not be able to watch it.

My e-mail address is jphillips@rpmcarbidedie.com.

Thanks in advance if you can send it to me.