A short kayak video



Roy P. Massena

Spokane, WA

Ok so much for whale watching tomorrow.

Had people screaming here… nice!!!

Amazing, Roy, and I’ll bet everyone…
… on Paddling,Net wishes it had been them! What a superb (or superbly lucky!) roll! It appears the entire kayak was submerged for several seconds.

Sounds like Japanese on the video, with a French looking address. Do you know any more about who/where/when?

Still replaying it,


Only the link was provided
to me. I am in awe, like everyone else.

Checking http://perso.wanadoo.fr/photokayak5 leads to http://www.photokayak.fr.st/ which is as far as I can go since I do not speak French.


Don’t get much of that in Illinois.

Wow! Talk about testing your roll!
I guess he doesn’t have to worry about whether or not he’ll lose his roll in “conditions”. :smiley:

I used freetranslation.com and did not find any mention on the link to the video.

I can only get partial shots of the clip. Did that whale actually hit his boat or was it pulled under by the suction?


I think a year or two ago, someone posted a similar MPG right here on p-net. I believe it was said to be digitally created. Or, maybe, real life took after art this time…

Yeah, dial up really is pain when it comes to on line vid downloads… :frowning:


Too good to be true …
It’s a real pity. Sing is just right. The french name on the file: “Regis fait du kayak” is a common french joke, meaning Regis the simple jerk who never manages to do anything right. There are several variations as in “Regis fait du kung fu”. Worth to watch. Really funnnnyyy:


“Regis fait du kayak” in fact, comes from a Japanese commercial of Powerade. The whole clip can be watched at:


Anyhow, don’t spread the word. It fits my agenda. I already sent the clip to every member of my club under the subject “Why a course on confident rolling is needed”.

Saw this one a couple of years ago
It was an ad for a redbull type energy drink. Japanese I think. Still is cool though

Yeah I was having second thoughts

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If you count how long that kayak stays under its a long time, its very hard to hold down a kayak that long. I have seen kayaks held under a few seconds by huge waves, everytime they come up they come up like missles not like in the video. If that was a glancing blow it should have sommersaulted the kayak not submerged it, if it was a full on hit the paddler would have been dead meat and boat would have been deformed. Oh well it got my attention anyway. I wonder if the drink is any good. When I was in Japan they had strange products like "Pocari Sweat " who wants to drink anything named sweat?

whale’s too big
the orca is WAY too big

kayak’s down WAY too long

no damage??

roll up??

come on now.


Right click, save as
It ran choppy and incomplete for me even frome work LAN. You should be able to right click the URL, click save as, save to your hard drive, then run from threre.


And I was worried about snakes

It’s a hoax
It’s been around for a couple of years.

THANKS!!! Worked great!


Yeah, yeah, sure flatpick.
Trying to spoil my fun. Next thing you’ll say is there’s a better chance of being hit by lightning than by a whale.

Long time no see,

Paul S.