A simple? choice

I am ready to choose between two used boats for my first kayak. Both are Tarpon Anglers - one a 120 and the other a 160i (what does the “i” designate anyway?). I have ridden a 120 and know its feel. The 160 has the same beam and four more feet of length. Any appreciable differences in speed or stability?? Thanks for any and all advice.

The 160 is the fastest if speed is

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important. It's still considered top of the line as fishing SOT's are concerned. Both have the stability you need in a fishing kayak. The 120 will be better in tighter areas.

What yak.canfish said
The 160 will be appreciably faster. It will also draw less water than the 12. The 12 will turn better.

It’s tough to make a recommendation one way or the other without knowing your paddling conditions.

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