A simple Christmas puzzle

May even in these times y’all find joy and peace.
If you figure the acronym out post “got it” if not ask for a hint.


Got it. That was easy. :christmas_tree:

You might be surprised how many don’t. :+1: Happy holidays, and may we all find peace and joy!

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I had a boat named that… :sunglasses:

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Got it first try. Back 'atcha.

Flotsam , have you been in the egg nog?

Got it. Thanks, and MCTAATAAGN to you and yours, Castoff. And to everyone on this special forum and theirs, as well.


Egg and milk that’s like poison for me. Spice rum and cranberry juice…Hiccup! So Jetsam I take it you haven’t “Got It” yet! :laughing:

And to all as well.

May the rivers be deep and the eddies be inviting. May the winds be mild unless you want them strong and the waves be just right. Have one of what ever suites you on me.


Yes, I got it on the second look. I asked my kids to get me a good sipping rum for Christmas. Cranberry juice eh? I prefer flotsam.

OK, got it. Wishing everyone health and happiness for you and your families.

We got our white Christmas in SW Michigan. 55 yesterday. 15 now.

Got it, thanks!

We’re not getting a white Christmas but a cold one. 34 now, 19 tonight. Leave the faucet dripping and the animals in.