A skeg problem

I have an explorer and after the skeg is down I have

a difficult time raising it, can’t seem to find any

problems, should I spray the cable and fittings with

silicone? thanks…

is it the new front rope skeg?
fairly new boat? new style rope skeg with front pull? almost all of these that i’ve seen work pretty poorly. i’ve fixed a few, albeit temporarily, by spraying some silicone down into the tube that runs through the side of the boat. also re-adjusting the tension on the skeg rope may help?

front pull rope skeg…
Yes, its a front pull rope skeg.I’ll try the silicone and tension adjust, thanks…

For NDK skeg repairs go to


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You’ll find alot of NDK skeg fixes and problems.

My Romany 16 had a problem. Put your kayak on its side and just pull the skeg out. I bet the bunge cord is wedge between the two “wheels”.

It should just lift out. Its only held it by the bungie cords.