A SOT for a small woman.

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A friend has gone paddling crazy and doesn't even have a boat. She just got a PFD and a car rack so it won't be long. we have a couple of suggestions - a Phoenix 140 and an RTM Disco. Any others?

I wish Epic was still offering their
composite 12 footer. Light and fast.

Eddyline now has a sit on top. I only got to see it and not paddle it. Sorry.

For the more petite paddler Feel Free has the Moken 10 Lite.

Just ideas. I’m sure there’ll be others.

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Second G2d … That is a neat boat.


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Where will she be paddling? Surf? flat water?

I'm guessing she'd like a weight under 40 pounds.

As you know, speed, size, weight, stability, and cost are all tradeoffs....

Malibu 3.4: http://www.malibukayaks.com/kayak_34.asp

Ocean Kayak Venus 10: http://www.oceankayak.com/kayaks/single_kayaks/Venus_10/

Phoenix 120: http://hurricaneaquasports.com/kayaks/phoenix120.html

Cobra Play: http://www.shopatron.com/products/productdetail/Play/part_number=1010V-12/10084.

At the other end of the scale.....


Hunt Johnson Wave Witch …

30 lbs

If she is exceptionally small and light
Look for whatever RTM is calling the (former) Ocean Kayak Kea. It is a child’s SOT. I sat in one but never paddled it. The seat well is definitely for kids or tiny adults. While I could sit in it, it might’ve been uncomfortable paddling, or I might’ve put the boat lower in the water than is optimal. Wish I had paddled it!

V-8? Most folks will say that this is not a beginner’s boat, but it depends on the beginner. My wife Bonnie is a natural athlete and has great balance. She could handle the fast boats from the day she started. Your mileage may vary.

there is a 39-lb CD Kestrel 140 SOT for sale in the DC/MD area


That RTM Disco looks like a great choice though and sometimes you can find them relatively cheap.

Current Designs Kestral 140
You can only find them used and even then they are around $1000, but they are very light and paddle well.

I got a deal on a used Kestral 140 older model that is more stable than the newer model with the raised seat and foot pegs. I got a real deal because the boat need some work on the repairs to the hull. If I had not founf this boat I would have bought an RTM Disco or a Cobra Revision.

I may still buy a revision someday.

Found hera kayak. A 14’ Heritage rec
boat in almost new condition for $350.