A tight fit question on a SOT

Looking for ideas. I paddled my S14S for the first time a few days ago. Good boat but the problem is the body I have to cram in it .
The only problem with that is the foot brace/ rudder controls are at max.
Left foot is ok but my right foot is always in peddle to the metal position. On land I wear a brace that helps, but it is plastic and aluminum and heavy so not for the water. I can’t properly operate the rudder control with that foot.
I’ve thought about removing the foot braces and leaving the rudder as a skeg . The other suggestion is to use a push rod for the rudder control.
I paddled it briefly with the rudder up and it responds well but the rudder turns it in a blink.
Any ideas short of sawing off my foot are welcome.

Is it the S14s G2?
I don’t have a fix for you,
But very cool…

When you say pedal to the metal, is it that your right foot is always abducted, toes pointed away, when not wearing the brace? I have an idea but I’ll need to play with a Stellar today to see if it’s as easy as my one cup of java brain thinks it is currently.

See you on the water,
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Yes , my toes are pointed away . Very little flex in my ankle.

Grayhawk, yes it’s a Gen 2. Only took me a few minutes to get over the woo-hoo factor probably because of my COG and the foot issue.

Thank you Marshall. I’ll try those ideas.

Would the full foot pedal, like on most surfskis help?

I am, personally, a fan of the T-bar tiller and a foot rest. Either of those is better than those slidey things that put on that boat. I have higher expectations for Stellar.