A wide, fast touring kayak?

Anybody know of a super stable reasonably fast touring kayak?

I want a boat that performs like a CD Caribou. But I want to raise the center of gravity 4 to 7 inches higher than normal because you see, I want to put a canoe saddle in it and kneel.

I’m guessing something around 26 to 30 inches wide and 16 to 18 feet long.

I tried it with a CD Solstice (24.25" x 17’7")and it was pretty tender. I might try it with the 'bou (21.75" x 17’8") since that feels steadier than the Solstice did but I expect that will feel pretty tender as well.

So come on all you long boat paddlers. is there any such boat or something close?

Searching for the sea canoe!


A wide, planing surf kayak?

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Anybody know of a super stable short to med. surf kayak? I want a boat that performs like a Maco. But I want to raise the center of gravity 4 to 7 inches higher than normal because you see, I want to put a canoe pedestal in it and kneel.
I'm guessing about 29-32" wide and 8-10' long.
I tried it with a cut down sailboard and it was pretty tender.
So come on butt surfers, is there any such boat, or something close?
Searching for the perfect surf canoe.


Covered canoe
Two years ago at the Warren PA nationals Sea kayak race, someone had a Kevlar Advantage(maybe, it’s been 2 years) that he did a nice job decking over with more kevlar. Had 2 large hatches, think he was sitting on the seat, and finished 5th overall, only 5 minutes behind the lead boat after 90 minutes. Not bad. Change the sitting to a supported kneel, might go even faster.

Some odd suggestions

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Kruger sea wind. Pamlico pro, qcc q500 with deck mods.

It aint gonna be fast though, you loose speed as you gain width.

Scrap that plan and just get an OC-1!

You have described a canoe,
like an Advantage or Voyager.

Have Fun, Try It
With a Wilderness Systems Pamlico

Wanna try my Foreplay?

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Got no fin boxes but...
Actually I've had better luck in my Slasher in the Surf.

The Decked C1 Sea Canoe
That’s what I want!

In general touring kayaks have some very practical design features,low windage, a sealed cockpit and built in floatation/storage.

I’ve been thinking about modifying an existing canoe but figured I’d ask about kayaks since it’s a lot easier and less permanent to re-outfit a kayak than to frankenstien a canoe.

Hey it’s cold out. Good time to think about boat design.

Yeah, but I never get up your way
ar this time of year, Got a link to either or both of those boats?

Walden Auction

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take a look at the Passage. I hear they have a lot of unfinished shells. If it looks workable for you, make a bid for one. Save money and time since you don't have to rip out a finish boat.



Design thoughts
Hey Sing you’re a boat builder.

Does it make any sense that my 21.75" wide Caribou feels more stable than my 24.25" wide Solstice?

I never did push the Solstice C1 to the tipping point. The round bottom forced my knees into the center of the boat and it was too uncomfortable to stay in.

I’m thinking that the hard chines of the 'bou might be responsible for the initial stability though I doubt the final stability of the 'bou would be better than the Solstice.

A boat with full chines would allow room bring my knees out to the sides more which would give better control as well as comfort.

Don’t seem to be any touring boats much wider than 24" though.

What’s the cheapest/best method for building prototypes? I’m having visions of 3 or 5 hulls or something like before I get it right. Yikes!

Depends on Deadrise
which is the angle from keel line to the beginning of the chines. This angle gives the flat to “V” shape hull bottom configuration. The ‘bou may have a lower deadrise (more flat bottom) and feel more stable (initial stability). The more “V” than better on rougher conditions.

My SOF had less deadrise initially and felt stable in flat water but I didn’t feel that comfortable with her in rougher water. When I did a reskinning, I added 6’ long 3/8" thick section, which tapers on the ends, onto the keel around the midsection of the boat. This added deadrise as well as rocker. I like how the boat handles in rougher water now.


There’s a little bit on the Slasher here.


Scroll down it’s near the end.

The Foreplay is a Wavesport kayak converted to C1.

It’s similar to their “X”, maybe a little less volume in the ends?


Rob Roy by Bell
You might check out the Rob Roy by Bell Canoe. It is half canoe half kayak. Pretty fast for a boat that is 15.5 ft long 28" wide, bc long water line. Tracks well, could be set up to kneel in, but can be canoe or kayak paddled by sitting on bottom too. Can get a spray skirt as well. Lots of storage. Can add float bags to increase sea worthiness, in kevalr crystal weighs 35 lbs.

Fast stable Kayak
You might take a look at the QCC Q500 and the NC 19. Both are 23" plus in beam (and thus have more stability than the Solstice or Caribou). Both are reasonably deep boats that cruise pretty well once you get them up to speed.

NC 19?
Who makes the NC 19?

Stable kayak with C1 saddle
I have been considering putting a saddle in my Folbot. They are stable, with a large cockpit. The setting position could be used in a windy conditions, and kneeling when more power is desired for river trip or sailing on flat water. Not White water! You have to work hard to roll, with tumble down, 25" beam, 17.5 ft long. High capacity, up to 700 lbs, and yet travel well when folded. My Super is old double, but you could use a Yukon (single), or GII (double), or Edisto - which is more of covered canoe.

Good for fishing. Some off shore fishing done from Folbots catching very large fish. TnT


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A Pygmy Osprey Standard might also make a good starting point. It's been a long time since I paddled one, but I remember it as being pretty good on both counts.